Company Directors

  • John R. Kahembe
    Founder and Managing Director

    Holder of Master’s in Engineering Management, Well experienced in construction management and has been working and assisting the communities in construction and community project development with SINITUOTE OY from Finland as Project Coordinator and KARIMU International Foundation as Construction Management Engineer since 2007.

  • Andrew F. Kinabo
    Technical Director

    Holder of Degree in Computer Science, A self motivated Radio Optimization professional with 13+ years wide-ranging multi-venders experience in mobile telecommunication engineering. He formerly worked with YEGOTECH as System Engineer, NOKIA SIEMENS’ as Radio Planning and Optimization Engineer and ERICSON (Russia, Iran, Iraq, Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Chad, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal) and remote support in (USA, AT&T, Brazil, Congo) as Network Operator Expert in high-level network operation.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to meet the power needs of our customers with high quality of our solutions and services.

    Our Strategies

    To be flexible with changes, consensus with time and to provides best solutions and services at low cost through high skills and experience concept.

    Our Core Values

    To be the leading company with ability to provide solutions that are constructed from quality equipment and materials to ensure that our services are durable and operational under even the most extreme conditions.

    Our Organization Structure